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Organization Major duties Contact
  • Coordination of the president’ schedule
  • Protocol
Strategic Planning Team,
Office of Planning
  • Establishment of short-and long-term development plans
  • Team organization and management
  • Allocation and use of facilities
  • Planning of human resources
  • Coordination of departmental duties
  • Establishing and revising school regulations and rules
  • Managing steering and operation committees
  • Managing standards and criteria of organizational achievements
  • Managing evaluations and assessment of university capabilities
Budget Adjustment Team,
Office of Planning
  • Deliberation and analysis of budget appropriation,
    modification and execution.
  • Administration for additional budget planning
  • Setting the standards for tuition and personnel costs
  • Analysis of balances
  • Allocation of budget for each college and for contingent resources
  • Audit of budget execution
  • Establishing fund investments
Faculty Affairs Team,
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Hiring faculties
  • Appointment
  • Setting salary level
  • Evaluation of the achievements by faculty members
  • Reward and punitive measures for faculty members
  • Research/ Sabbath year for the faculty members
  • Evaluation of the lectures
  • Managing part-time lecturers and research assistants
  • Managing certificates of various documents.
Academic Affairs Team,
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Managing academic administration
  • Managing graduation
  • Managing GPAs and students’ academic achievements
  • Managing classes and curriculum
Student Welfare Team,
Office of Student Affairs
  • Managing and supporting students’ activities and clubs
  • Scholarship in-and out-campus
  • Students’ welfare
Career Support Team,
Office of Student Affairs
  • Collection and provision of job-related information
  • Managing and providing programs for job-seekers, camps,
    exposition, and small groups
  • Managing classes related to career building
  • Managing internship programs home and abroad.
Admissions Team,
Office of Admission
  • Managing schedules and numbers for the admission for new
    students or transfer students
  • Planning for recruiting new students and transfer students
  • Planning for recruiting international students
  • Planning and carrying out the promotion of recruiting new
    students and transfer students
External & International Affairs Team,
Office of External & International Affairs
  • National/international exchange programs
  • Development of globalized educational programs
  • Recruiting international students for regular academic programs
  • Managing international students’ programs and related
Public Relation Team,
Office of External & International Affairs
  • Raising and managing university development funds
  • Cooperation with alumni association
  • Managing the promotion for the press/media and external
  • Managing university symbols, logs, and promotion ambassadors
General Administration Team,
Office of General Admministration
  • Managing personnel promotion
  • Personnel training
  • Campus events
  • Employee welfare
Financial Administration Team,
Office of General Administration
  • General accounting and fund management
  • Collecting and refunding tuitions
  • Taxes
  • Procurement contracts
Facilities Maintenance and Management Team,
Office of Maintenance
  • Basic constructions (new and extension)
  • Landscaping and property and facility management
  • Facility and equipment inspections
  • Safety management of research labs
Information Management Team,
Office of Information
  • System management of academic schedule and administration
  • Management of university homepage, intranet service and etc.
  • System management for admission information for new (transfer) students.
  • Managing webhosts, CMS, internet disk service, etc.
Communication Management
Team, Office of Information
  • Managing information network
  • Managing educational/administrative materials and equipment
  • Managing mailing system/ server
Central Library
  • Managing a wide range of materials and aids for students and faculty members’ research
  • Training for users and services
Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Support for teaching methods
  • Support for studying methods
  • Support for creating educational materials and aid tools
  • Support for cyber university and e-Learning programs
  • Managing studios
  • Lending and hiring of multimedia educational materials and tools
Kwangwoon Culture Center
  • Support for various internal and external events held in small and large theaters
  • Managing an ice link
  • Managing Hancheonjae gym.
  • Managing commissioned company for students and faculty cafeterias
Kwangwoon University
  • Publishing and distributing Kwangwoon University newspaper
  • Support and help student reporters’ activities and writing news articles
English Newspaper Center
    • Writing, publishing and distributing English newspapers
    • Support student reporters’ activities and writing news articles
  • Place where students are preparing for state-governed examinations
Athletic Club
    • Running football, icehockey & golf clubs
    • Support selection, trainging & healthcare of students athletes
Innovation Center for Engineering Education
  • Support specialized engineering programs
  • Support accreditation of engineeing education
IACF: Industry-Academic
Collaboration Foundation
  • Various duties of industry-academic cooperation tasks
  • Intellectual property, technology transfer, and commercialization
  • Nurturing university businesses and job creation support center
  • Forming an academic research environment and managing research achievements
Institute of Information Technology
  • Running an academic credit bank system
  • Running a social education programs
  • Running a remote education programs
Kwangwoon Institute of Language Education
  • Running English courses for liberal art curriculum
  • Running an English certification system for graduation
  • Running various language courses
Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture
  • Running Korean language courses for foreigners
  • Running teacher training courses for Korean language teachers 
Kwangwoon Media
Contents Center
  • Creating media and running studios
  • Creating webs and video contents
  • Creating promotions and advertisements
  • managing business of planning publish/contents and copyrights