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Graduate School Office of the Registrar 31 Doctorate Courses / 29 Master's Courses
Graduate School of
Environmental Studies
Office of the Registrar 5 Majors  Master's Course
Graduate School of
Business Administration
Office of the Registrar 9 Majors, 3 Departments, Masters' Course
Graduate School of
Information and Contents
Office of the Registrar 6 Majors, Master's Course
Graduate School of Education Office of the Registrar 13 Majors, Master's Course
  Chambit Child Care Center
Graduate School of
Counseling, Welfare and Policy
Office of the Registrar 6 Majors, 3 Departments, Master's Course
Graduate School of
Legal Affairs in Construction
Office of the Registrar 4 Majors, 1 Department, Masters Course
College of Electronics and
Information Engineering
Office of the
Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Dept. of Electronics Convergence Engineering
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Dept. of Computer Software
Dept. of Electric Engineering, Dept. of Electronic Material Engineering
School of Robotics - Information and Control Major , Intelligent System Major
College of Engineering Office of the
Dept. of Architectural Engineering, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Architecture
College of Natural Sciences Office of the
Dept. of Mathematics, Dept. of Electrical and Biological Physics, Dept. of Chemistry, Dept. of Sport & Leisure Studies, Dept. of Cyber Information Security(Evening)
College of Social Sciences Office of the
Dept. of Public Administration, Dept. of Industrial Psychology
School of Communication Arts - Journalism and Broadcasting Major, Digital Media Major, Corporate Communication Major
College of Law Office of the
Division of Law – Law Major, International Legal Affairs Major
Science and
Technology Law Major, Dept. of Real Estate Legal Affairs(Evening)
College of Business
Office of the
Division of Business
Administration- Business Administration Major
College of Northeast Asia Office of the
Division of Northeast Asian
Trade- Korea-Japan Trade Major, Korea-China Trade Major
Division of Northeast Asia
Cultural Industries- Cultural Exchange Major, Development of Cultural Contents Major
Division of International Studies- Area Studies Major, Global Korea Studies Program
College of Humanities
Office of the
Dept. of Korean Language and Literature, Dept. of English Language and Literature
Division of General Education
Office of the
Office of Planning Strategic Planning Team
Budget and Adjustment Team
Office of Academic Affairs Faculty Affairs Team
Academic Affairs Team
Academic Affairs Service Center
Office of Student Affairs Student Welfare Team
Career Support Team
Student Counseling Section
Office of Admission Admissions Team
Office of External & International Affairs

External & International Affairs Team, Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture

Public Relation Team, Kwangwoon Broadcasting Center

Office of General Administration General Administration Team
Financial Administration Team
Office of Maintenance Facility Maintenance and Management Team
Office of Information
Information Management Team
Communication Management Team
Central Library Acquisitions and Processing Services Team
Circulation and Reference Services Team
Center for Teaching and
Operation Team
Kwangwoon Culture Center Operation Team
Kwangwoon University
English Newpaper Center
Kwangwoon Academy of
Advanced Studies
Athletic Club Support  Team
Innovation Center for Engineering Education Operation Team
Kwangwoon University
Collaboration Foundation
Business Team, Research Support Team, Business Management Team
SME-Academic Collaboration Center, Kwangwoon Business Incubation Center, Center for Brain Korea 21 Program, Kwangwoon Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program, International Technology Cooperation Center
Institute of Information Technology
Kwangwoon Institute of Language Education
Reserve Forces Regiment  
School-based Enterprise Kwangwoon Media Contents Center
Private Capital Project  
Reserve Officers' Training Corps