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        Greetings from the President   


During the difficult Japanese colonial rule of the 1930s, Dr. Kwangwoon Cho established the “Joseon Radio Technical Institute in 1934, based on his pioneering insights that tomorrow will be determined by practical education and electronic engineering, in the belief that electronics would take the lead among future industries, and lead the direction of education. His founding motto, “Diligence,” “Economy,” “Seek thyself a work,” in addition to the educational ideals of Veritas et Lux are inherited by Kwangwoon University today.


In the era of internationalization and unlimited competition, Kwangwoon University is making sincere effort for its students as an institution of higher education and research to foster those who welcome challenge with creativity, intelligence and sensibility, and those who will put their practical education into action, which in turn builds their pride as well as their vision. Kwangwoon University promotes growth in terms of education, research, scholarships and welfare facilities to transform the students’ passion and dreams into miracles and success stories, and to help them experience the butterfly effect that can bring change to the world.


I look forward to your warm encouragement and interest.

Thank you for visiting Kwangwoon, and I extend my warmest welcome to you.





  Kwangwoon University